Here’s what makes me different
– and why I can help you to generate better results
My Incredible Journey
My journey in business development, strategic management and relationship building gives me a solid understanding of the process that connects businesses to their customers.  

As many of my interactions have been with people who are new to the English language and to Canada, I have learned to connect and engage with people at a deep level of trust and mutual understanding.  

I will help you to reach the all important – know, like and trust level – that will turn prospects into loyal repeat customers. 

The Gift of the Blarney (Cloch na Blarnan) 
Since childhood I have had what my Irish father described as the “gift of the blarney”. Loosely translated this means that I can tell a compelling story. Stories have the power to reach your customers at their emotional centre. They can be used to build engagement, understanding, knowledge and mutual trust. My stories will create a warm and comfortable environment. A good place for you to build your business relationships. Whether you are using business-to-business communications, webinars, emails, white papers or manuals, your customers will be engaged and informed by your copy. 

You will receive from me high quality and engaging material, focused on your market needs and delivered on time – guaranteed.

It is obvious to me that Eveline’s drive and determination will help her succeed at anything she does.  And I believe she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to.  I have seen her doggedly work on her copywriting tasks each day, even when time and circumstances are not optimal.  She has a great never give up attitude, which is truly inspiring. 
Jane Armstrong

B2B Real Estate Copywriter

Characteristics of Highly Effective Interactions 
Since 2005, I have been teaching and engaging students of business. I have learned what engageshow people learn and how to make that learning stick across all three generations currently engaged in the marketplace… I will guide your learners to find their comfort zone. The place where they are free to learn, grow and apply that knowledge to real world situations.  
I had the good fortune of being enrolled in four of Evelyn Gwynn’s classes that she taught while I was attending NAIT.  Not only was she thorough and clear in her teaching of accounting concepts and procedures, but more importantly she brought great passion and humour to a subject that many might consider dry and boring.  In seeing this side of her, I have every confidence that Evelyn will bring a standard of excellence to any writing project she touches.   
Wendy Breitkreuz

Former student Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Business Marketing Strategist 
My experiences have prepared me to help you move your business forward. I have worked in various business roles for the past 25 years. These roles include Accounting Manager at a medical research company, Corporate Controller and Human Resources Manager at a transportation company, Internal Audit at a multinational sales company and professor in the JR Shaw School of Business. 
I met Eveline when I was studying for my CGA certification after having been recently immigrated to Canada in 2002. I was very fortunate to have found someone as reliable, kind and friendly as her. Even now, 16 years after getting the professional certification, I still call her for advice because Evelyn is truly a lifelong friend, advisor and teacher for me. She gives her 100% in everything she does and is a key factor in my success. Similarly, I know that Evelyn will excel in her endeavours and help you succeed too. 
Mazhar Butt


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